authentic montessori2When choosing the right school for your child it is important to understand that the term "Montessori" cannot be trademarked. "Montessori" is similar to "Chinese Food" or "Tae Kwon Do". Just because a school might have the word "Montessori" in the name does not mean they adhere to any principles or doctrines prescribed by Doctor Montessori. The same way a restaurant might say "Chinese" or a Martial arts studio might teach "Tae Kwon Do" it does not necessarily mean they are good or authentic.

There are many schools that use the term "Montessori" to describe play based learning, but at The Montessori School in Newark we pride ourselves in hiring only the most qualified AMI trained teachers and keep the most accurate and complete array of approved Montessori Materials. All of our Montessori Materials are hand made and imported from Europe. Beyond that we strictly adhere to the principles and doctrines set forth by Dr. Montessori herself.

We are an Association Montessori Internationale establised school with an AMI director, all AMI trained head teachers, and are a member of the Montessori West family of Schools.

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself."

- Galileo